I am arriving in England and want to reduce my quarantine time


If you are returning to the UK from a country not on the government’s travel corridor list, you will need to self-isolate and not leave your home for a full 10 days. You can now reduce that time by taking a test from an approved provider. Project Olive’s partner laboratory is an approved supplier for the Government Test-To-Release program.

Home tests are available for order through our website. Weekends – if your 5 day test date falls on a Saturday you may not get the results in time to reduce your self-isolation. Of course, for peace of mind you may still wish to take a test.

If you would like to order more than one “Test to Release” kit please add each test order seperately to your basket.

You can only end self-isolation once you’ve received a negative covid-19 test result. Until you receive your result, you need to self-isolate.




Arrive: in England from a country not on the corridor list. Go straight to the place you plan to self-isolate. Start self-isolating according to the UK government’s instructions. Fill in the government passenger locator form.

Day 5 If you arrive in England on Monday. Tuesday will be your first full day of quarantine. You can take a test no earlier than the 5th day after arrival in England – if you arrive on Tuesday then Day 5 will be Saturday. You must continue to quarantine while you await your test result

Day 5: post or courier your test

Day 5 or 6: your test arrives at our Government approved laboratory

Day 5 to 7: Get your results. If negative, you are to end self-isolation. If the result is positive you must remain in isolation for another 10 days (this count starts the day you took the test). People you are living with or staying with should also self-isolate for the extra 10 days regardless of their results.


This is a PCR swab test which detects active presence of the virus i.e. shows that you currently have COVID-19. These are the tests currently used by the NHS and approved by Public Health England and are fully compliant with government guidelines.

You will take the swab sample yourself, following the guidance included with the test kit.

You will pack the swab yourself in the packaging provided and post it at the Post Office. This ensures the fastest turn around for your test. You MUST use the packaging that we provide to send your sample back to the Lab.

Your results will be notified to the email address you provide. The lab aims to process all tests on the same day that they are received by them. You will receive your results as soon as possible and the aim is to turn the test around within 48 hours.

Results may arrive late at night as the lab works throughout. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that express PCR test results are turned around within 48 hours, we cannot guarantee it. In most cases we will absolutely deliver turnaround times within 48 hours, however due to the potential for courier issues and the (very rare) potential for the lab to fail to meet their own standards, Project Olive cannot take responsibility for any disruption you may face due to a delayed result.

There is a 1% chance your test result can come back as inconclusive and the lab will inform us that you need a retest. There are a number of factors why this happens and the lab will not be able to be too specific. Inconclusive tests mean the lab cannot prove you DID NOT have Covid-19 when you were tested, you will be advised remain in isolation by our team until you are retested.

There is no facility for you to call or email to chase lab results.